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Why fashion, Joey?
My passion is making a woman feel as beautiful as she really is and to be able to give her that confidence in herself is a pleasure every day.

When did you know that you wanted to be a fashion designer?
I probably have know since I was a young boy, however as with most people, life got in the way and I went into events design instead and only worked on my fashion as a hobby for a long time.

Do you regret those decisions you made?
No. In fact, events have a lot of design elements and I believe they helped me see a lot of the fashion industry in a new and interesting way. I also was able to work on pageants and coaching on the side, so some of it has cross pollinated to where I am now and all culminated in me being able to launch my line at LA Fashion week.

This is your debut at LA Fashion week. What are you most excited about?
This entire week leading up to fashion week and the show itself is the project of years of experience, I am very excited to showcase what I have been working on and look forward to use it to expand my brand and client base.

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It’s 1 day before the fashion show and where can we find Joey? In the fashion district of course. Last minute shopping for bits and pieces for his showcase. As any designer knows, every detail counts. Also, according to Joey, the fashion district is a place where he is in his element and gets both his inspiration and also his motivation from.

“LA fashion district has grown tremendously in the last years”, says Joey. In his clothing, a lot of attention to detail goes into the beading and finishes of the gowns. His creations are exquisite pieces of art, designed to celebrated women.